Brian (far left) (President/Master Trainer) 

                Brian has served in the United States Marine Corps. as a Scout Sniper, worked for a Sheriff's Dept. in Michigan, and a specialized security company. He has also been training dogs for over 20 years. He has taught his dog psychology and problem solving seminars for police officers and civilians all over the country. He still continues to apply the leadership traits taught in the Marine Corps. Leadership program. He also teaches mixed martial arts, does personal protection seminars, and firearms instruction. Brian is working on completing his degree in Psychology to further his knowledge of how dogs process  information and co-exist with us humans. Brian is also Co-Owner of K-9 P.S.I. (K-9 Problem Solving & Interdiction). K-9 P.S.I. is dedicated to conduct continued education for K-9 Handlers on Dog Psychology & Problem Solving, Street Tactics, Interviewing Techniques & Interdiction. He recently, became a writer for a Police K-9 Magazine called the K-9 Chronicles.


Stephanie (middle right) (Vice President)

               Stephanie uses her leadership skills to run the administration department of Special O.P.S. K-9 Academy. She has worked for our county Animal Welfare League, was a purchasing agent for an apparel company, and has been in management for several other large companies. Stephanie has a huge passion for dogs. She knows the meaning of organization and communication. 


Linda (far right) (Kennel Tech., Basic Trainer, K-9 Health Consultant)

                Linda has been working for veterinarians, shelters, and rescues since 1989. She has managed fosters and rehabilitation rescues, she understands problematic dogs, and has an innate sense when it comes to these animals. Linda is a valuable asset to this company and the care for each dog that stays with us.


Heath (middle left) (Obedience, Tracking, Narcotics Trainer)

                Heath is a full time Firefighter/EMT for Plymouth, IN. Fire Department. He works for Special O.P.S. K-9 Academy on his days off. He is as professional as they come and has an understanding of rank structures. He knows how to take charge and get the job done right. Heath's ability to read dog is a very important quality to get training done right. He has been working for Special O.P.S. K-9 Academy for almost 3 years.




Dog Training Mission 

"Our mission is to provide training not only for dogs, but also for dog owners. This will ensure a happy and safe environment, designed to keep dogs in homes, off the streets, out of the shelters and away from the needle. Our mission is to save dogs one house at a time."

We also provide top notch, affectionate and dependable working canine. Whether it's protection, detection or service, We are your One-Stop Canine training shop!