Police K-9's 

We are  recognized as certified K-9 training agency in Illinois and Indiana.


    During our academy we will cover: Dog Psychology, K-9 Employment, Case Law, Procedures, Log Keeping, Scent Theory, Reading Dog Body Language, Problem Solving, K-9 First Aid, Difference between Tracking & Trailing, Night Operations, and much more. 


    Here at Special O.P.S. K-9 Academy Inc. we believe in teaching the handlers dog psychology along with all the other tasks a working dog will do. We feel teaching the psychology will give the handlers a cutting edge when faced with traumatic experiences. Not one department is comfortable with an expensive working dog that doesn't want to work or is a liability. With this knowledge in mind the officers will be able to identify and fix negative behaviors as they arise. We believe your K-9 officer should be polite when there isn't a threat, and tough as nails when there is one.  


     When we teach tracking and narcotics detection we not only teach the "How", but also the "Why". We believe in teaching every capability a dogs nose has. This includes how information is processed and translated into plans of action. An educated handler finds Dope and Bad Guys, it's as simple as that. We believe the officer should be equipped to have educated answers to questions asked in a court setting. Often times defense attorneys try to discredit a K-9 officer by showing lack of knowledge. There is so much more officers will learn here at Special O.P.S K-9 Academy, so please don't hesitate to give us a call to find out more.



     We have worked with Rudy Drexler School for Dogs, the Allen County K-9 Program, Code 2K9, and many other agencies. We have taught K-9 Psychology to officers re-certifying at Camp Muscatatuck, the Army Urban Warfare Training Center, as well as other officers across the country.  Brian our master trainer also writes articles for a Police K-9  Magazine, "The K9 Chronicles".